Success Story Insurtech: How Technology Has Transformed the Insurance Industry

At Rootstack, we have seen first-hand how our clients have transformed their companies and increased productivity thanks to technological solutions

We have many years of experience in this industry, helping insurance companies and brokers improve their workflows and expand the scope of their business. Our experienced software engineers and developers have created all kinds of projects, from mobile applications, web applications, and integration processes, to analysis and planning of architectures, as well as intelligent solutions for interaction with devices.


It is essential that companies in this industry catch up and learn how technology can significantly improve their business, finding in innovation a more efficient way of approaching customers and doing business together. With the help of a technology partner, these changes can be gradual and controlled, allowing the company to adapt to new digital tools and without the need to change all management overnight.


Look at this: 60% of insurance brokers in the United States believe that technology will positively influence this industry, thus improving business projections in this area, explained a Statista report. In addition, more and more clients demand automation of procedures and modernity: 58% of insurance clients in the United States are interested in new insurance models.


Of course: it is essential that before your company makes the technological leap, it analyzes very well which will be its technological partner. The success of the project you want to develop will depend on this partner, keep this in mind.


Here we will tell you in more detail about the successful projects we have created for our satisfied clients.


Technological solutions that we have developed for the Insurance industry




Improvements and implementation of new functions in the mobile application


Seguros Sura is one of the most important insurance companies in Latin America, with a presence in 11 countries, including Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, three of the largest markets in the region. They have always strived to stay at the technological forefront with their products and services.


At Rootstack we collaborate with this insurance company in improving its mobile application for Android and iOS, incorporating new functionalities that boosted both the company's attention and customer satisfaction.


In a consultancy, we delimited which were the adjustments that Rootstack was going to execute and then move on to the software development and graphic design part of the project. Afterward, our team offered several training sessions for Sura to learn how to handle the application and then we culminated in a performance review of this software solution.




Through this Rootstack-enhanced mobile application, you can coordinate medical appointments, have access to a calendar of past and future appointments, search for medical professionals, and view a complete directory of clinics and laboratories. Xamarin and SignaIR technologies were used in this project.


New features and improvements to the “look and feel” of the solution


Sura's website needed an image refresh, an improvement in its “look and feel”. Through Rootstack's expertise, they achieved several transformations on their website that completely revamped the user experience. Among the improvements we apply are:


  • We add in the header the information of the user with the role of the system
  • We implement the full menu of the left sidebar with hierarchies
  • We improved the tables based on the new design
  • We improve pagination based on the new layout
  • Responsive menu improvements
  • Improved user registration layout both on desktop and responsive


We also collaborated in improving the aspect of the dashboard where the user could consult the portfolio of brokers. Likewise, within the web services offered by Rootstack, we implement the endpoint of the production panel, also the accident rate panel and the delinquency panel.


Web architecture analysis for web portal performance improvements


At Rootstack we know that having a web portal is not enough. This must be functional and have optimal performance for users. We also supported Seguros Sura with software architecture and infrastructure analysis project, creating an initial report of performance improvements and stability of the insurance company's portal.


Our team of expert software engineers first concentrated on reviewing the overall infrastructure, looking at its condition and possibilities for improvement; also analyzing web bottlenecks that could be limiting the performance of the site. For this task, Newrelic was installed, a software that precisely allows measuring the performance of websites and their applications.


Modifications in the web portal to achieve integration with Onbase


Another of Seguros Sura's requirements that we met at Rootstack was the need to make adjustments to its web portal to integrate with the Onbase platform and make it possible to create workflows. Onbase is a platform that allows you to manage all business content, automating the handling of documents and data. We carry out the setup of the project in React and modify the view of the “step by step” form to obtain the insurance, where a workflow will be initialized.


Inversiones en Seguros


Modifications and adjustments in the policy quote web portal


Grupo Inverseguros is one of the most experienced insurance companies in Panama, with more than 40 years offering optimal service to its clients. Now, seeking modernization and cutting edge in their processes and managements, they relied on Rootstack's experienced team to make various changes and adjustments to their policy quotes website,


  • We modify the 'step by step' to quote: before the insurance options page to create the quote is displayed, a step will appear asking for the basic data of the client or prospect.
  • Change in the management of business rules: the existing structure that determined the generation of the quotation table with its options was eliminated and the taxonomies of full coverage were adapted so that they can be defined based on the options that insurers bring.
  • Implementation of integration with the insurer's WS so that the user can send their data, the system generates the quote and displays the results on the screen. All these integrations were achieved with Optima, Assa, Ancon and IS.
  • In addition, an adaptation to the theme of the website was carried out so that it was responsive and was optimally viewed on mobile devices.




Servicio de Seguros de Panamá


Creation and design of responsive website for policy quotes


Rootstack helped Servicio de Seguros de Panamá with the development of an innovative, responsive and multilanguage website, so that users could review policies and quote online in an easy, fast and secure way.


First, we carried out a consultancy to find out the requirements that the company had and from there put together the information architecture of the site. Both the content structure and the functionalities workflow of were defined.


  • Several pages were created on this website, one focused on the benefits of the platform, another with instructions on how to use the site and another to show the list of insurers.
  • Development of the health and car insurance quote.
  • We work the check-out process through 5 steps: validation of the shopping cart, acceptance of terms and conditions, entry of personal data, entry of credit card information, acceptance and confirmation of payment.




We also developed a self-managing back-end using Strapi (Node js), with multilanguage support. From this platform, users can be managed and the information displayed by the website regarding the quotes and policies available can be defined.


The online quote is possible thanks to a prior data approval task on an intermediate platform, in which all the data and values that identify each product are recorded in order to generate said quote.


For example, in the case of a vehicle policy, each model has a certain code assigned to it by the insurer. When quoting, this intermediate platform connects with the insurers, according to the data entered by the client, finally generating an estimate to be paid for the requested policy. This website features an integration with a payment platform to carry out online transactions.


Superintendencia de Seguros y Reaseguros de Panamá


Adoption and implementation of a chatbot


The Superintendency of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama came to Rootstack with the need to implement a chatbot on its website and we helped the institution with this task. We implement Messagebird Chat Pro, including features such as live chat conversations, email support, access to channels such as WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Wechat and Viber. We configure a widget for the website and for the mobile version, with the capacity to register 3,000 contacts per month.


  • First, we proceeded to the creation of users on the platform, as well as the configuration and training on Knowledge Base and Help Desk.
  • We configure the Bot flows, the automatic responses, and the channels.
  • We train end-users on the use of Flow Builder and the platform.
  • Finally, the widget was installed and the pertinent doubts were resolved.




The digital transformation of the Insurance industry is in full swing, with insurance companies digitizing more and more of the processes they offer to their clients. Today, many companies have already developed self-service platforms that allow customers to consult their policy through a web portal, pay or submit their claims or reports directly in the system, without having to go to an office or wait to be attended by phone.


Modernization is necessary in insurance companies to adapt to this digital age and be able to provide a better user experience, through the implementation of responsive web pages, chatbot, CRM or ERP platforms. At Rootstack, we have more than 10 years of experience offering the highest quality technological solutions to our clients, adapting to their needs and making those projects they have dreamed of for their businesses come true.


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