Success Story: Sophisticated and Customizable Report Management System

Rootstack developed a clear and powerful information dashboard for Rootnet to achieve decision-making based on real and updated data.



Rootnet has been growing both in modules and functionalities and in clients, which needed a report management system that was up to par to facilitate the availability of valuable and updated information for making timely decisions.


The challenge was developing a reporting engine, obtaining the data through lists of information born in the different modules, with the necessary integrations making it customizable and easily administrable.


Our Solutions


Rootstack software developers created a reporting management system for Rootnet, which provides reporting and analytics embedded in the web application, delivering critical information in real-time or scheduled. This tool consists of an engine in charge of modeling the data and the different integrations with the repositories where the data is stored.




The sophistication of the solution lies in the integrations. Everything is API-oriented that supports the reporting engine, allowing interlaced reports between various entities. This represents an excellent advantage for Rootnet since it enables the design of reports on projects, workflows, tasks, CRM accounts, CRM events and any other entity, a group of data with previously configured linked fields.


This tool allows administration without the need for a technical engineer. The reports are designed simply and intuitively with the previously established permissions and are 100% customizable. You can select the module and the entity you want to view and then configure the fields you want to show in the report, the filters and other display settings.


The designed reports can be saved, consulted and downloaded when required with real and updated data, saving time. They can also be easily modified.


Security is always a priority at Rootstack. From communication with the API to individual instances, the information is encrypted and stored securely. We have implemented industry standards for security with a built-in firewall with ACLs that protect how and by whom data is written to the database.


We worked on other valuable features for Rootnet, like the possibility of exporting any report easily from a button to Excel through a generator that wraps all the data in seconds. It also has permission settings. Depending on the role of the profile, a user can edit or only view the information. Another feature that makes the tool more complex is filtering, allowing system users to select the chosen module’s desired filters.


In conclusion, the Rootnet reporting solution has:


  1. API-oriented report and reporting configurator
  2. Data modeler by data entity related between fields
  3. Field filtering by all supported fields in each entity
  4. Data view permissions based on first level permissions (roles and permission) and if the user has access to said entity
  5. Detailed and accumulated reports
  6. Export to Excel


Rootnet benefited from Rootstack's expertise in creating sophisticated and customizable report management systems integrated with data from different sources. Today, it has a tool that adds tremendous value to the business, achieving decision-making based on real and updated data.




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