Success Story: Mobile application development to manage electricity in buildings intelligently

Rootstack supported iES Mach in the development of a mobile application that would allow its customers to manage the electrical energy supplied to different buildings



This company had a mobile application through which various operations could be handled, but the platform was very limited for the goals and scope that the company wanted to reach. To offer a modern and cutting-edge service, it had to update and add more functionalities to its system.


Our solutions


In this scenario, Rootstack supported iES Mach with the development of a new mobile application that allows managing electricity in a building.


That is, a customer who owns four buildings, for example, will be able to coordinate the distribution of electricity in these buildings through the application, instead of going site by site to turn lights on or off. It is a modern and automated way of controlling electricity consumption on a large scale.


The interface of this mobile application, created by our team of highly experienced developers, shows a basic menu that allows exploring and configuring the platform according to the client's preference, but also shows a list of buildings, where the user can choose the one of their preference to manage electrical power distribution.




In each of the areas and floors of these buildings, several sensors associated with the new iES Mach application are located, which just allow the administration of electricity in these spaces in an automated way.


Among other functionalities offered by the application is the calendar option, being able to monitor per day how the electricity flow has been in the buildings registered in the mobile application.


This type of electrical energy management and monitoring platforms have been gaining strength in recent years as a way to take care of the environment, save electricity consumption and also save budget. For example, similar devices such as Sense are also available in this market, which allows electricity consumption to be monitored through a mobile application. The user can keep track of, for example, how much electricity his household appliances consume and take action on it.




For this project, Rootstack implemented React Native to develop the mobile application, which brought multiple benefits to the client, automating and modernizing its processes in terms of electricity management of the buildings under its responsibility.


Rootstack has been focused on providing quality technology solutions to companies for the last 10 years. With an A + talented team, we managed to develop highly functional applications and software, with surprising and optimal performance for our clients.



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