Success Story: Implementing a functional and personalized ERP

We worked with Biotechnology Group to incorporate an ERP that works for the entire company, taking into account the particularities of each work area.



Biotechnology Group partnered with Rootstack with the goal of implementing a multi-company ERP.


The term ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, a software capable of integrating information from different internal operations of a company allowing decisions to be made on a solid and consistent basis. Having an ERP is a basic requirement for every company today.


Its implementation is a matter of order, vision, delivery to the project, quality of ERP, quality of consultants and the need for a cultural change in the company. An extra challenge is added when it comes to implementing a single ERP for a multi-company group, since it must cover different business units, each with its suppliers, customers, items and services, and different processes such as sales, purchases, collections, payments, and more.


Our Solutions


In the first place, Roostack worked on providing a complete organizational consultancy with the objective of identifying the processes, objectives and requirements of the ERP. Each company within the group had configured notifications, reporting and data in a different way, we worked on the homologation of processes and the structure of the products.


Biotechnology Group


Our software engineers chose to implement ERPNext, an open source enterprise resource management software, with no licensing cost that is presented as an alternative to SAP and allows controlling various business sections with a high degree of customization. The modules implemented were: human resources, billing, warehouse, sales and purchases.


We installed a mobile app that allows you to upload data directly to the ERP in a simple, fast and on-the-go manner, to keep the information up to date without wasting time.


Biotechnology Group benefited from Rootstack's know-how in the application of custom ERP for multi-company organizations, achieving significant cost savings, greater control and more informed decision-making.



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