The Rootstack numbers in 2016 and plans in 2017

June 18, 2021

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The year 2016 for Rootstack has been one of the most demanding years for the company, where I can summarize the following:

Team Rootstack 2017

  • Rootstack has a global market
  • The company had to transform quickly to meet the demand of new customers and maintain current customers
  • We have created a new partnership with Mulesoft for the sale of their solutions Mulesoft and the implementation of the software, for which we have gone through a process of training and certification
  • There have been challenges for the team to learn more and make things better.
  • More work has been done to standardize internal processes to be more effective.
  • We've been able to implement more projects with Symfony, AngularJS, Ionic, Appcelerator and other frameworks, which have allowed us to be a diversified company.
  • We have entered other niches of services and implementations that soon will be a strong of the company.
  • The company has been reorganized to 3 foundations of services and its derived services: Web, Mobile and Automation.
  • Rootstack's primary product: Rootnet, has evolved based on its CRM functionality roadmap, in the year 2017 we plan to launch the Intranet and the Service Desk.
  • Our customers have trusted us, made us step up to a higher step on the basis of service and we have created interesting partnerships.
  • The Rootstack / Rootnet team has been pushing itself every day to move forward and accept challenges with a good attitude.
  • The marketing team has managed to give a big turn to the company in terms of image and new change.

Rootstack in 2016 numbers:

Rootstack in numbers

Plans for 2017:

  • Hire more people for the engineering, sales and administration team that will enable the company to grow globally.
  • Re-adapt and be constantly changing based on the company's culture: Energetic, humble, with values ​​and cool people.
  • To reach a greater growth in every sense.
  • Achieve more entertaining projects.
  • Create a more pleasant environment with the team, new ideas for the team to have more benefits.

Rootstack's team Photos 2016

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