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Rootnet CRM is a business software designed to boost growth and productivity inside an organization. It was designed for companies to become their best version, improve relationships within their work team, customers, and also efficiently manage their resources.

Allow your collaborators to get to know each other and easily communicate through an interface using Rootnet Intranet. This solution will reinforce the community inside your business while streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.

A Service Desk solution will allow you to get instant support regarding IT incidents and handling any type of service request. Users can easily fill up tickets so their issues will be reviewed by IT experts.

  • Integration execution through CRON definition.
  • Integration testing with live results.
  • Manual integration execution.
  • Process filtering.
  • UX friendly interface for process management.
  • Process execution history.
  • Integrated code editor.

Printoverapi is a solution responsible for connecting billing software, tickets, tax boxes, and any desired software with your tax machines, printers, and other printing hardware. With a simple configuration, your organization can print from anywhere.

Success Stories

Rootstack developed an innovative financial management system with a particular focus on generating an engaging user experience.
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Rootstack implemented a series of microservices in Heineken's ecommerce to make it compatible with the address system used in Panama.
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One Time
Rootstack supported One Time in bringing an innovative software solution to market with advanced technology and modern design.
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Rootstack supported Implosa to adapt its old systems and develop a complete ecommerce to commercialize its wide portfolio of products.
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Project-Based Model Services: We make your IT projects a reality
With our Project-Based Model services, leave your project in expert hands and expect results that will overcome your expectations.
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Managed Teams Services: Hire high-performing IT teams
Our talented teams report directly to your management and lead your project with expertise.
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IT Staff Augmentation Services: Hire Certified Top Talent
Looking to expand your internal tech team? We take care of the recruitment and onboarding process to provide the right technology profiles in no time.
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