How does Drupal Commerce work and what benefits does it have?

October 25, 2021

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E-commerce has become the solution for many companies today to get their businesses afloat in the context of the pandemic. Even though many business managers had already taken their first steps towards the digitization of the purchase / sale of their products, the pandemic accelerated this transformation much more, creating a new commercial reality.


And of course: faced with the urgency of having an electronic commerce, many inexperienced companies chose the first option that crossed their path, without stopping to evaluate the characteristics, benefits or functionalities of the platform. That is why now we are going to explain what Drupal Commerce is and how this platform has become one of the favorites of online businesses.


What is Drupal Commerce?


Drupal Commerce is a powerful and flexible platform that helps businesses grow in the digital world. It provides all the tools and functionalities a company needs to sell its products online, handle payments and transactions, and manage existing inventory to keep sales flowing smoothly.


“Built with great responsiveness, customers can discover products and solutions using any device. Drupal offers unlimited potential with native features and module extensions, including integration with third-party commerce and digital marketing tools. It is a platform to help drive your trading strategy”, explains Drupal on its website.


Drupal Commerce
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Being an open-source software, it is scalable and fully customizable to the needs of any company. "Flexible and feature-rich, Drupal creates sites and experiences that combine content and commerce, or (thanks to the openness of Drupal) developers can manage content with Drupal and integrate with third-party commerce systems", they add on the Drupal website, highlighting the possibility of complementing the virtual store with content marketing.


How Drupal Commerce works


How to install Drupal Commerce? Well, an experienced technology partner can help you in this task to transform your business. Meanwhile, there are many functionalities of this platform that are worth knowing.


Complex catalogs


The company can create product catalogs with custom and complex categories thanks to the powerful taxonomy engine that Drupal Commerce has. This makes the search for products by customers fast and efficient, finding what they are looking for without complication.


Drupal Commerce
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The data is very important to know well the performance of the business if the strategies are working or if sales are falling. That's why Drupal Commerce offers users an advanced reporting dashboard that shows everything from processed sales to order status, customers, and payment method management.




The versatility of Drupal Commerce offers the possibility of integrating with multiple third-party payment gateways, as well as CRM and ERP platforms, essential for the efficient management of a business.


Drupal Commerce




One of the biggest concerns for business owners is the security of their virtual stores. Sometimes they trust a physical store more than a digital one. But in the case of Drupal Commerce, it is a robust and strong software against any type of vulnerability that may arise.


"Drupal is mature, stable, and designed with strong security in mind (...) Many security issues are completely avoided by Drupal's strong coding standards and rigorous community code review process", Drupal mentions about this topic.

Drupal Commerce




One aspect that distinguishes Drupal Commerce from the rest is its marketing optimization. From this platform you can configure promotions so that they appear to users and attract their attention while they navigate through e-commerce. And being optimized for SEO, this platform is always a priority for search engines. As if that were not enough, it can be integrated with analytical tools such as Google Analytics, to measure the performance of all your strategies.

Drupal Commerce


At Rootstack, we have more than 10 years creating e-commerce solutions for global companies. Our engineers are certified in Drupal, so they are experts in this technology. Let's talk about your next project!


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