IT Asset Management


Agile problem identification

Suppose a collaborator has contacted the service desk because of an issue with their equipment. In that case, the service agent can easily find out all information regarding such equipment by just typing up the user's name inside the IT Asset Management System, letting them visualize every aspect of the equipment.

Fast problem solving

Employees will be able to generate claims regarding any asset assigned to them regarding its performance. The IT team will fastly attend it because ITAM allows them to visualize claims and complaints.

Cost reduction

An ITAM inventory will provide information on software licensing and its management, communicating the termination of guarantee periods and much more to help you plan your hardware & software budget.

Easy implementation

When implementing new software into your IT assets, it's only natural that some hardware on your list won't be compatible with the new implementation. ITAM allows you to quickly identify these hardware pieces to re-adjust your software implementation strategy.