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Rootstack provides a full team of software engineers with all the profiles you need to manage and execute your project while focusing on your core business.

Take advantage of the knowledge of highly qualified professionals who can lead your project to success.


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We support the growth of your company with efficient technologies by hiring a technology partner.


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Find out what we are capable of doing for you and your project, the methodologies that will improve the productivity of your company, and the diverse work team that you will have at your disposal.

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With us you can work collaboratively, with creative, ambitious professionals, in search of excellence, you will find a learning environment and above all professional growth.

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We know that developing software is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, money, and lots of people to deliver a great software application. Therefore, when faced with the need to create such a project, companies can choose between outsourcing or in-house style of work.


Now, at home refers to the typical way of hiring a team of software developers who will work with you, in your own company, and become a regular part of your workforce.


But if you choose to outsource your software development process, you can opt for nearshore solutions or to develop offshore software.


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