Success Story: E-commerce development in Magento with SAP integration

Rootstack supported Vitamin Shoppe Panama in the integration of its e-commerce in Magento with its SAP Business One system.




Online shopping and sales stopped being the future to become the present of any company today. According to reports from Statista, in 2024 it is expected that e-commerce profits will amount to 6.3 billion dollars, which is why it is essential for every company to have an online store. In the case of Vitamin Shoppe Panama, they had a website that functioned as a product catalog but did not allow digital purchases, being a limitation for their business.


Our Solutions


Rootstack offered Vitamin Shoppe Panama the option of developing its e-commerce on one of these two platforms, Shopify and Magento, finally choosing Magento since it was more suited to their business model and its functionalities matched the virtual store they had in mind.


With the implementation of Magento, the Rootstack software engineering team achieved the integration of this e-commerce platform with the SAP Business One system, through which Vitamin Shoppe Panama manages everything related to the inventory of its products in the different stores in Panama. So every time a customer selects a product from the website, Magento syncs with SAP to assess availability and generate this purchase order.


Vitamin Shoppe


We paid special attention to the design of this e-commerce since the franchise had very specific guidelines regarding the use of colors, the arrangement of modules, and the use of images. Rootstack strictly followed each of its requirements, creating a modern and responsive platform, harmonious and with high-quality images, which offered a zoomed view when hovering over them with the mouse.


Tailor-made functionalities


Our developers created different functionalities tailored to the company:


  • Payment method


The payment form was customized, adding extra fields related to the customer's location in Panama, to optimize the calculation of shipping rates. The user can select his Province, District, Corregimiento, and Zone, with which the calculation of the shipping rate is made if the order is for home delivery.


This is the payment process: once the user enters their products in the shopping cart, then the payment platform is enabled, which accepts payment by credit card, through Yappy in Panama and ACH transfers.


When paying by credit card, the platform confirms the transaction with the bank, and the purchase order is immediately processed, being delivered to the corresponding physical store to prepare the order.


Vitamin Shoppe


When paying with Yappy or ACH transfer, the purchase order remains in process, waiting for payment confirmation to then deliver the purchase order to the physical store.


Purchases in this e-commerce can be made by logging into the platform with a previously created user, or simply anonymously by entering the data in the purchase form.


  • Integration for shipments


For home deliveries, an integration was made with the API of a shipping company associated with Vitamin Shoppe Panama. This integration allows Magento to update the status of purchase orders automatically, once they are delivered to the end customer.


  • Store selection tree


Thanks to Rootstack's experienced software engineers, we were able to implement a decision tree for the selection of physical stores when placing an order. Thanks to this, when a user enters her address, the system automatically searches for the product in the inventory of the store closest to him. If it is not found in that store, then it starts the search in the next closest to the customer.


The integration of Magento with SAP also allows the synchronization of the details and characteristics of each of the products available in this franchise, an aspect that helps automate the management of this e-commerce.




For the development of this e-commerce, we use Magento, a platform created in 2008 and which has become one of the most used by companies around the world. In fact, at least 14% of e-commerce sites use this technology.


There are already many companies that have trusted Rootstack for the development of their e-commerce platforms. Our experienced professionals have all the tools and skills to make your dream virtual store come true, adjusting to the particular needs of your business. We are experts in the most modern technologies and we are ready for the digital transformation of your company.



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