Success Story: Development and design of highly functional news website

Rootstack worked hand in hand with Panamerican World to develop a highly functional website, with a design according to their needs.



At Rootstack, a team of expert web developers is always ready to solve the needs of the companies that approach us. In the case of Panamerican World, the head of this news company needed the creation of a modern and functional website, full of components that would allow it, on the one hand, to display textual content and, on the other, to enrich navigation with video modules, photographs, and social networks.


Our Solutions


We love challenges. For this reason, we supported Panamerican World in the development of their first website, helping them with the design of this, as well as with the implementation of a robust and widely functional CMS, fully adjusted to their business and editorial requirements.


We developed this first version of the site in Drupal, an open-source CMS that has the particularity of adjusting to any need a company has, regardless of the area in which it operates, be it a communication company or e-commerce. Our web developers implemented a robust content publishing system, which offered a user moderation system: it allowed to create a profile of editors, who were authorized to publish the articles uploaded to the CMS by the basic profiles of the platform.


Panamerican World


The website had several sections or categories that allowed administrators to define the content according to their area. The layout had a featured news component, which could be changed to suit the editorial needs of the website through a simple function in the CMS. This type of functionality gave the option of customizing the website, displaying tailored content on the Homepage.


Since Panamerican World is a website aimed at a wide audience, we developed a multi-language platform, being available in both Spanish and English. Likewise, a geolocation functionality was implemented, which allowed segmenting the contents according to the IP and the origin of the user who entered this web page.


Multimedia components


At Rootstack we enhance the multimedia elements on the Panamerican World website, including a component for more recent videos, another for featured photographs, as well as another module with a list of podcasts. In addition to this, traffic to social networks was boosted by including two additional components, one for Facebook and the other for Twitter. Also worth noting is an integration with Google Ads that shows various advertisements in certain areas of the website, generating profits in this way.




For the development of this website, our software engineers implemented Drupal, a multifunctional open-source CMS, which allows any website to be customized to suit any client, regardless of the industry to which it belongs.


Thanks to the expertise of Rootstack and its team of experienced professionals, we were able to create a website tailored to the client, with a functional and robust infrastructure that allowed efficient navigation through the website, being simple to administer by users, employees and editors of Panamerican World.


At Rootstack, we know how to meet the needs of our clients thanks to the excellent communication skills of our team of software developers and engineers, their extensive technical experience, and their high commitment to each of the projects in which they are involved.



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