Success story: Data migration service for news website

Rootstack supported Panama America in the migration of data from its old website to the new one and improving its infrastructure to improve loading speed



Our team of software engineers and developers is highly experienced and trained to meet any type of customer need. In the case of Panama America, they approached Rootstack with the need to migrate the content from its old website to the new one they had just launched. Likewise, they required to enhance its loading speed, to improve navigation and the user experience. Being a news site, the volume of data was extremely large so they needed experts in the area.


Our Solutions


In this case, Rootstack collaborated with Panama America by providing a data migration service. The client had previously developed a new website in Drupal, so they needed to migrate the content from the old platform to the new one, always keeping its format and characteristics.


For this project, we used the Migrate API tool, a Drupal module designed for effective content migration. The software engineers who worked on this project took into account several special considerations when making the migration: they made sure that the URLs remained the same, something essential for Panama America since it allowed them to maintain their flow of users on the platform and avoid issues like broken links.




A special effort was made during the migration to maintain the existing redirects in the old site to the new one, avoiding the loss of the effort previously made in terms of content and site navigation.


  • Drupal Training


Rootstack's advice to Panama America also covered other aspects: we guided the digital team regarding the management of Drupal. They were unaware of the operation of this open-source CMS, so our team offered employees a 40-hour course, teaching them the basic functionalities of this platform and everything they could achieve with its different modules and components.




  • Infrastructure improvement


Good navigation is key to the success of any website, especially a news website. Panama America also wanted to optimize the speed of its site and its performance in general, so Rootstack and his team of A + experts analyzed the infrastructure of the website and then made several improvements, enhancing the performance of this platform.




For the development of this project, the Drupal Migrate API tool was implemented to execute the data migration from one website to another. Finally, the client obtained a website with a wide range of content and data, the product of a successful migration. Achieving, in addition, a fast and optimal platform.


By working with Rootstack, our clients can rest assured that they will get amazing results from their projects. With more than 10 years of experience, we have managed to create optimal and high-quality platforms, which perfectly fit the requirements of your company. Jump into the digital world right now and with us.



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