Success Story: Web and Mobile Application for Home Health Care

Rootstack supported One Time in bringing an innovative software solution to market with advanced technology and modern design.


Their challenges


One Time sought help from Rootstack to develop a web and mobile application to serve the home care market for the elderly through an innovative software solution for a market that traditionally has archaic systems.


The business’s goal was to help manage the tracking of various processes involved in elderly healthcare, such as in/out visit time, on-site training, caregiver database, and more.


Our Solutions


Rootstack provided One Time with a complete consultancy to develop the product, reporting all the technical aspects to take into account. Major elements were defined in this phase, like the project’s scope, features, application flow, design specifications, etc.


One Time


A team of experienced Rootstack engineers worked on application programming. The user interface was designed, and a modern application was created with an intuitive flow.


The main features of the solution are:


  • Generation of schedules and calendar of caregivers.
  • Assignment of caregivers to consumers.
  • Payments to caregivers and charges to consumers.
  • Verification of work hours of caregivers.
  • Information database of all agencies, caregivers and consumers.
  • Roles.
  • Interactive web response (IWR) system: an automatic system that answers a telephone number


One Time partnered with Rootstack and obtained a web and mobile application of excellent quality and design that offers an innovative solution with advanced technology and modern design.



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Rootstack supported One Time in bringing an innovative software solution to market with advanced technology and modern design.
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