Success story: Redesign of the R4V website and implementation of graphics widgets

Rootstack offered consultancy to improve the design of the R4V website, associated with OIM, implementing visual improvements and functional display of data and graphics.




The R4V website, while complying with presenting graphics, data, and documents related to its management and collaboration with refugees in countries such as Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay and Curaçao, the platform was difficult to navigate and displayed the content in a cumbersome way, since it was dispersed and clustered in a confusing way on the site. In addition, sometimes the way of displaying the graphics was not the most functional for the end-user.


Our solutions


Rootstack completely improved the R4V website, creating a new platform that provides a better user experience to its visitors. It is a site created in a Drupal 8 CMS, quite functional and flexible that allowed the implementation of numerous data widgets to illustrate the statistics with graphs of different styles of tables, bars, pie type, among others.


The visual improvement was considerable: by condensing the statistical information in different types of graphs, the navigability of the web page was transformed, making the task of consulting the available information easier.


The structure of the R4V website is quite particular, totally adapted to the client's needs: when the user enters the portal, they find the general site, which shows all the condensed information of all the South American and Caribbean countries in which the organization collaborates with Venezuelan refugees.




Then, in the "Platforms" tab of the main menu, a list is displayed with the different countries associated with R4V: each one has its own website, which can be managed independently, reflecting data and graphics corresponding to that country. Rootstack also implemented a submenu under the main slider on each of the platforms, so that each country could create a menu according to the sectors in which they work, such as education, health, food, among others.


Both the R4V home page and its different platforms by countries have a structure based on different modules or components that can be assembled like a Lego, one below the other, facilitating the updating of the website and making navigation within it more user-friendly.


Main features


  • Components and widgets


Among the components that can be added to the website is the List of the latest news, The most viewed, as well as widgets of Events Calendar, Twitter timeline, Instagram, Free Text, Video, and Gallery. In the Featured widget, you can select different types of content, be it news, event or document.


  • Graphics


Custom tables can be made with various column styles. In the configuration, there is the bar type column, with two percentages, with several percentages, relative circle, and the pie type graph. In the CMS, the option to create these charts is called “Create custom block”.


  • Download documents


This website also allows you to download documents, a very valuable functionality in this case since users will be able to download statistics and other types of reports.


  • Search engine on the website


In the upper right corner of the website, a content search engine is enabled, with results that can be filtered by platform, sector, content type, and date.


Rootstack handles a large number of essential technologies to adapt to the requirements of all our clients, regardless of the industry to which they belong. With more than 10 years of experience in the technology market, we have the expertise to help you in the digital transformation of your business.



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