Success story: How to integrate and automate your business with Odoo

We implement Odoo to integrate different Dragon business areas, simplifying tasks while saving time and costs.



In the case of Dragon, it turned to Roostack due to the need for a tool for its customers to communicate with them and request their services via Internet and in an automated way, to offer a better user experience and improve its service to customers. Our experienced software developers helped create the most suitable solution for this case.




Our Solutions


Rootstack implemented the Odoo platform to integrate all Dragon procedures related to customer service and requesting services on its website. The automation of this task was achieved thanks to our software developers, minimizing the work times of the company and, at the same time, simplifying this process for the users and customers of the business.


Odoo Success Story



With this improvement, users can now request Dragon products and services through its website, filling in a registration form with their basic data, such as their name, email, cell phone number, also explaining the service they are needing. at the time.



Odoo Success Story



When a user requests a service from Dragon, thanks to Odoo the company can instantly verify this request, simultaneously connecting the timetable, fleet, and personnel module, to confirm and guarantee the feasibility and availability of the required resources, to fulfill the order. made by the client, according to the information available in the business database.


Odoo Success Story



Odoo main features


By implementing Odoo in your company with the advice of Rootstack, you will have at your disposal more than 200 applications that serve to automate almost any type of management within a company. From this platform you can coordinate the tasks of the maintenance department, to coordinate CRM and customer management.


Odoo Success Story


Other areas that can be automated are


  • Sales and quotes.
  • Accounting, billing and the entire financial area
  • Inventory and logistics



Benefits of process automation


In any case, Odoo is a platform that can be adapted to any industry or type of company, adjusting to each of the needs and characteristics of the client, be it a large or small business.


The automation of tasks is vital for the growth, development, and productivity of a company, and the best thing about this technology implemented by Rootstack is that it is very user-friendly. This platform can be accessed from multiple devices thanks to its responsive design, privileging usability above all else.


Rootstack has more than 10 years of experience providing technology solutions to different companies, modernizing their procedures and offering the best advice to automate procedures, which translates into time savings and increased profits or sales. And, by implementing Odoo in Dragon, the company was able to count on specialized advice with the most qualified technical support, guaranteeing the best experience when using the tool.


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