Success story: Implementation of a Service Desk in Migration Panama

Rootstack offered consultancy to Migración Panamá and proceeded to implement a Service Desk to manage the flow of requests between departments.



There are many procedures handled by Migración Panamá on a day-to-day basis, so the workflow can be quite high in their offices. Internally, there was certain disorganization in terms of the management and distribution of basic work material between departments. The government institution had two problems: First, there was no standard procedure for requesting materials between departments. That is, in some departments, they required to send an application form via the Internet, while in other warehouses they ask for a physical form to make any request.


Another difficulty that this institution expressed was the impossibility of following up on many of the requests, since they were made informally among the employees without having previously made a request via the Internet or physically, by filling in a form. Despite installing a help desk to manage these requests, it did not always work, so Migración Panamá urgently needed software to effectively manage all requests made between departments, thus optimizing resources and improving their control.


Our solutions


Rootstack advised Migración Panamá and offered the best technological solution tailored to their specific need. Then, our expert software engineers proceeded to the implementation of a Service Desk, based on tickets, to standardize the requests for material between the departments of the government institution, organizing the workflow and allowing to monitor the resources used in the office.


Migración Panamá
Taken from OTRS's website


In this case, the OTRS system was installed, an open-source software that facilitates the management and monitoring of requests, through the generation of tickets and unique identifiers for each of the requests made within the platform.


Our advice was based on the following:


  • We offered consultancy to know the general situation of the institution and its workflow. After several meetings, we were able to extract the necessary information that would be deposited in the OTRS system.


  • Then the Service Desk was implemented with the data previously collected, provided by the Panama Migration departments themselves.


  • Training was also offered to the institution's employees to familiarize themselves with the new platform and learn how to use it efficiently.


  • Finally, our team migrated the data they had stored in a previous system they were using to the new platform, being able to keep the history of requests made in the past.


Migración Panamá
Take from OTRS's website


Thanks to this implementation, Migración Panamá managed to have more control over the resources that are requested between the departments, monitoring them and keeping a record. Tecnologías As we discussed earlier, Rootstack implemented an OTRS system, designed to optimize internal company communication, reducing errors in operations, and increasing the productivity of work teams. In addition to automating many of the basic business procedures, it can also be integrated with many tools, being a versatile and modern platform.


The Rootstack team has more than 10 years of experience creating technology solutions tailored to our clients. We are experts in more than 50 technologies, fully trained to meet the requirements of more than 16 industries. Contact us and transform your company.


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