Success Story: Modernization of Grupo Grada's mobile application

Rootstack helped Grupo Grada update its mobile application, creating a modern platform full of functionalities.




Grupo Grada is a company that brings together a set of radio stations of different styles and aimed at different targets, but all with the same objective: to entertain their audience and be available to them on all possible platforms. With this goal, a challenge arises: the improvement of the mobile application to have even more reach in the public. Faced with this scenario, they requested Rootstack's advice to update their mobile application, refresh both its structure and its graphical interface to offer a better user experience.




To launch this mobile application, Rootstack implemented in this project Drupal 8 technology for the admin platform, from which the administrator can create playlists, add or delete themes, as well as add or delete more stations or podcasts, through a friendly and easy-to-use interface.


For the development of the mobile application, the React Native framework was implemented, creating a fast and easy-to-use platform for both the site administrator and the user who downloads it on their cell phone. Applications created with React Native are characterized by agile performance, since this programming language is optimized for mobile devices. In addition, it is very flexible when making changes to the app and it can be adapted to both iOS and Android devices.


Main features


The most noticeable change, in the first instance, was the graphic design of the new application. On the screen that welcomes the user, mustard yellow predominates, with a series of cartoons alluding to music that are diluted in the background under a faded effect. At this stage, the app offers the user the option of registering or logging in if they are already registered.


The appearance of the Home area was updated showing two sections: the first, which brings together the stations available within the application and, the second, showing the new podcast menu where users can listen to the episodes of a wide range of programs, adding this functionality to the application.


At the bottom of the app, the user can navigate through four options in the menu, such as Home, Stations, Podcasts and Menu, where more details inherent to the application's general configuration are displayed. When playing a station, the image of the disc to which the song that is playing belongs is displayed on the screen, offering the possibility of liking the song or sharing it on social networks. In the case of playing a podcast, both the image of the episode being listened to and the list of the most recent episodes that have been published are displayed.


Grupo Grada


Another modern detail that this app developed by Rootstack has is its integration with Amazon's Alexa. For example, if the user has the Alexa application installed on their mobile, they can open the Grupo Grada platform simply by sending the command "Alexa, open the Grupo Grada app."


Rootstack has more than 10 years of experience in application development, having all the equipment and tools at hand to create the ideal technological solution for your company. It is time to dare to modernize your business, and nothing better than to start updating your presence on the Internet through websites and mobile applications.


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