Success story: How to simplify processes by syncing emails

From Rootnet Sync you have the possibility to activate the Email Sync module to automate tasks and execute processes via email.

How does it work?


From the Sync tab inthe Rootnet platform you will be able to access the Email Sync module which offers a menu with only two options: Email accounts and Processes.


Email Sync


Email accounts: allows you to add the emails that will have the necessary permissions to perform certain tasks through Email Sync on Rootnet. Each email can be configured so that it can perform only certain actions within the platform.


Email Sync Success Story


Processes: by clicking on "add", you can configure the type of process that can be executed by certain email accounts that are registered on the platform. So far, four processes are available: create opportunity tracking, create or comment on tickets, create or comment on tasks, create or comment on workflow.


Email Sync Success Story


What benefits does Email Sync bring to companies?


Regardless of the type of company or the area on which it operates, the Email Sync module offered by Rootnet Sync injects greater speed and efficiency into the day-to-day tasks of any business. It is about automating certain tasks, the most basic and recurrent, to free up time and allow for the execution of other tasks that require greater effort and concentration.


Previously, for example, it took 10 minutes to create or comment on a workflow, with Email Sync you can just send an email to the platform with that instruction, executing it instantly without further delay or complication. So, this level of simplification of tasks will optimize the management of a company much more, modernizing the way the team works and streamlining their work.


Email Sync Success Story


Is it easy to configure?


Futhermore, the management of the Email Sync module is quite simple, so it does not represent a major complication for companies. It is only composed of two tabs, which are used to configure the emails that will be able to execute tasks in Rootnet Sync.


The integration of the Email Sync module to the platform is easy and fast to carry out, a stage in which you can always count on the most qualified technical support and customer service to clarify any questions or problems.


The time has come to automate your company’s tasks and Rootnet Sync represents one of the most competitive options on the market since it offers a secure platform with encrypted information, a flexible and scalable infrastructure and is able to adapt to all types of companies.


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