Success story: Platform for the management of sanitary registry of CUPFSA products

Rootstack developed a platform for CUPFSA to monitor the status of the sanitary registry of its products in Latin American countries.



Operating in numerous countries in South and Central America, managing and monitoring the status of the sanitary registry of the thousands of products they distribute could be a cumbersome, complex, and impractical task. CUPFSA carried out this control in an Excel document, implementing macros, being a manual process.


Updating the document or making changes to it was also problematic: it could not be edited by several people at the same time since Excel does not provide that functionality. Also, this document was becoming increasingly heavy due to the volume of data, making it difficult to handle and edit it.


Our solutions


CUPFSA urgently needed to automate the management of the sanitary registry of the products they distribute and, in this task, Rootstack collaborated with a modern and practical technological solution. We developed a platform based on workflows to manage and monitor the status of the sanitary registration of the various products registered in the database.


After importing the data to the platform from a .csv file, the administrator obtains an orderly view of the products that are awaiting the approval of the sanitary registration in a certain country. In the Workflows tab, a list appears with the reference number that identifies each product, followed by its name, the country where the health registration was requested, as well as the application number, the campaign to which the product belongs, the progress of the process, as well as its final status.


From this list, you can filter the data by reference number, by campaign, and country. When doing a search by reference number, for example, the system will show the status of the product in the different countries with which CUPFSA works. In this case, for example, the status of the sanitary registration of a certain product is shown in countries such as Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, among others.




By clicking on any of the products that the list shows, a view is displayed with a detailed explanation of the status of the sanitary registration: it details from the moment the request was made and received from FR until the request was sent and approved.


This platform offers the possibility of generating different kinds of reports. There is an option to track the workflows registered by country: a general list is shown detailing the number of sanitary registration that have been requested by country, as well as the percentage of those that have been approved or discontinued.


Implemented technologies


This new CUPFSA platform, developed with Angular and Symphony technologies, allows adding more countries in case the company opens distribution to other cities that are not registered in the initial database.


With more than 10 years of experience, Rootstack has the necessary tools to provide technological solutions to all companies, regardless of the industry to which they belong. With highly experienced professionals and modern technology, we can adjust to the needs of our clients and help them in their digital transformation.



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