Success Story: Automating Invoices With an UIpath RPA Implementation

Rootstack developed an automatic process for invoicing processing with UIPath.



Our client, a retail company from the United States, was having issues with invoicing processes. They had large accounting teams working weekly to get invoices processed and paid and this was driving their costs up with little profitability. In other words, invoicing takes a lot of time and it can consume high amounts of budget and human resources. One single invoice can cost from $5 to $25 to process and it can last up to 16 days in the management process.

This is why they partnered with us to develop an efficient system to automate the entire invoicing process. The result was an intuitive and modernized invoice and payment system that reduced costs drastically.



Our Solutions


Implosa Development Success StoryThe system developed processed scanned paper invoices and analyzed their content directly, creating digital invoices in the company’s ERP. We worked with RPA UiPath unattended or automatic robots. They work independently in the background and handle task-heavy, long-running processes. Unattended robots will check in with employees for validation or if there's a question or exception via UiPath Action Center.


This system had many complexities. For example, an issue to consider is that the invoice line items’ and discounts variations are not always the same. Also, it had to detect all variations in the client’s company name, which could sometimes be misspelled. This identification process was done with a robust algorithm programmed to search for related words against the client’s data like items, catalogs and their ERP.


If one of the invoices couldn’t be properly identified, the system would move it to a separate folder marked as invoices that needed to be manually processed. Another interesting feature developed for the system consists of sending daily reports on all invoices processed that day, both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Rootstack's expertise in working with Robotic Process Automation added significant value to this retail’s company daily invoicing processes, making them more efficient, productive and lowering costs to boost business performance



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