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Automation using RPA is completely transforming business workflows.
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Mautic is one of the most effective marketing automation applications, learn how to use it with us.
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Learn all about automating sales and inventory with ERPNext. We advise you with valuable information.
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We explain the types of ecommerce and the similarities and differences between Online Store vs. Marketplace.
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Content Management Systems
Here you will find the basics of a CMS and all the functionalities of Drupal, an open-source CMS.
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ERPNext Learning
Learn the benefits and functionalities of ERP business management systems, such as ERPNext and Odoo.
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Odoo Learning
Odoo is one of the ERP platforms most used by companies today. It allows to automate procedures and streamline the work flow.
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Read about the basics of an ecommerce, what is an online store and a MarketPlace and much more.
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Products Learning
We analyze the functionalities of Shopify and Magento, two of the most successful ecommerce platforms.
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Watch our webinars and optimize your business with information from experts in technology and business innovation.
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Mautic Learning
We detail for you what Mautic is and why it is one of the most useful marketing automation platforms.
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Automation in companies can raise productivity and profits, lowering costs in the long run.
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