Tech Trends To Watch Out For Post-Coronavirus

June 18, 2021
The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and consequently accelerated the adoption of many technologies, some of which were already on the rise, and some of which were slowly emerging. In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest tech trends and understand their implications. Let’s go! **Virtual Experiences** Social events and the entertainment and cultural industries, in particular, have relocated to the virtual world. [Museums now offer virtual tours](, seminars, and conferences are presented online, as well as music shows, [theatre productions](, and much more. As people search for more ways to have fun from the safety of their homes, this trend will surely continue, as companies enjoy the benefits of reducing costs while reaching a wider and more global audience. **AI & Telehealth** AI is proving to be essential to [analyze vast amounts of data]( and detect alarming health issues early on. It is also helping to study the active Coronavirus to aid with [vaccine development](, building amazing 3D protein structures with varying genetic sequences. As this technology evolves, it will increasingly play a vital role in preventing future pandemics and health disasters and assisting scientists as valuable research tools. Not only this, but telemedicine is also at an all-time high. People have resorted to online consultations with their trusted health professionals to avoid visiting healthcare facilities in person. Although some consultations do require face-to-face meetings, this appears like an excellent alternative facilitating access to quality care, no matter the patient’s location. **Smart City Tech** Governments have been leveraging technologies to manage all of the data related to the wellbeing of their population. From case tracking, defining outbreak locations, analyzing healthcare availability, evaluating quarantine measures, and observing other critical assets, most have trusted the development of advanced platforms to centralize the information they need to follow up on the daily advance of the virus. Associated with tracking applications, these technologies become extremely powerful staples to overview and enforce surveillance measures. Although these dashboards today serve a particular purpose, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they become a staple for the tracking and security control of each country’s daily activities, beyond health concerns. **Redefining delivery & distribution ** Delivery apps were already trending before the pandemic, but they’ve now become ubiquitous. UberEats, Glovo, Postmates and Rappi are just some examples of companies that have a strong presence worldwide. They deliver not only food, but also pharmacy and supermarket items, gifts, and anything that you can imagine. As a precautionary measure, they have now incorporated contactless delivery systems to reduce person-to-person contact. In some countries, autonomous vehicles and drones are already being used to make this process even more efficient. Now more than ever, it is fair to say that everything we need is just one touch away. This is just a short list of examples, but there are many more including the rise of remote working tools and immersive tech. It is clear that [software development companies]( play here a central role in designing and building all of the complex systems needed for this tech-savvy environment to exist. Your business will surely benefit from an expert-led tech consultation to determine the next steps to complete its digital transformation or acceleration process. Don’t hesitate to talk to us and start working on your next successful project right away!