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Documentation: what should the technology partner have
September 17, 2021
Tags: Technologies
Having documentation is essential since it is a sign that the partner works in an organized and systematic way, following a set of steps.
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Keys to apply outsourcing software in your company
September 16, 2021
Tags: IT Staff Augmentation
As CEO of a company, you can feel a bit lost in the sea of technological solutions that can be implemented to boost your business.
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React Native or ReactJS? Differences between both frameworks
August 26, 2021
React Native is a framework for developing native applications on iOS and Android, using the JavaScript language.
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Using Angular for single page applications
October 12, 2021
These are generally ideal for applications or websites with little content. One of the best frameworks to create these pages is Angular.
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Python: Popular Features of this Language
September 07, 2021
People use Python for multiple tasks, such as: data analysis and visualization, creation of artificial intelligence and automation.
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