Laravel's most powerful features

September 24, 2021

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Laravel is an open source framework whose utility is to develop web applications and services using one of the most popular languages ​​on the internet: PHP. Laravel's philosophy is quite simple: develop PHP code in an elegant way and focus on simplicity, thus avoiding spaghetti code.


When we say "spaghetti code" we are referring to that which, in its construction, resembles a pasta dish. It's a derogatory way of naming complex flow structure control programming code, like it's a bunch of strings, dating back to the 1960s.


One of the intentions of Laravel and its developers lies in taking advantage of the best of other frameworks, as well as the features of the latest versions of the PHP programming language.


Features that make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks


Using a Blade Template Engine


Although some developers consider PHP to be a template engine in itself, the syntax did not evolve in recent years, unlike newer template engine proposals, such as the one used by Laravel. Blade, one of the simplest but very powerful compared to other template engines, adds zero overhead to the web application and does not prevent you from using simple PHP code in views.


Eloquent, the ORM that includes Laravel


Laravel works with Eloquent, an ORM that offers web developers a simple implementation of ActiveRecord, which makes their interaction with databases easy and therefore requires less time.


Open source and a broad community


Although many PHP frameworks come with a price tag, Laravel is an open source framework for web developers. In addition, it has a powerful community of developers who support it, making it more advanced and flexible.


Laravel's extensive libraries oriented to objects


Laravel's PHP framework is packed with many built-in object-oriented libraries that are packed with amazing features for developers.

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