What is the definition of a unit test from a DevOps perspective

December 28, 2021

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In the world of programming and development, unit tests are used to precisely test individual units of source code, thereby determining whether they are suitable for use. This is one of the tasks that DevOps performs within the process of creating an application or website.


Unit tests are generally written and executed by software developers to ensure that the code conforms to their design and behaves as intended. Its implementation can range from being very manual (pencil and paper) to being formalized as part of building automation.


Benefits of unit tests


The purpose of these unit tests during the creation of an application is to isolate each part of the program to show that the individual parts are correct. A unit test provides a written contract that the code snippet must adhere to. As a result, it offers several benefits. Unit tests find problems early in the development cycle.


Some benefits of unit testing are:


Facilitates change: These unit tests are used by the programmer to see if a piece of code continues to function correctly.


Helps simplify integration: Although unit tests do not include integration tests, they are highly dependent on tests performed manually by the developer. High-level testing can be difficult to automate, so manual testing is important.


Proper documentation: unit tests provide a kind of living documentation of the system. Developers who want to know what functionality a unit provides and how to use it can refer to unit tests to get a basic understanding of the unit API.


Influences the design of the application or page: if an application or software is developed using an approach based on unit tests, this can completely replace the formal design since each test can be seen as a design element that specifies classes and observable behavior.


A DevOps perspective on a unit test


Before we get into here, let's give a basic definition of what DevOps is. According to the definition given by Microsoft, DevOps is a composite of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), translating this as the union of people, processes, and technology to provide value to customers on an ongoing basis.


One of the maximum rules in the culture of DevOps is to seek the efficiency of the development process through automation. With a unit test and other types of automated tests that perform regression testing in place of the human team, a QA is released and can focus on testing the new application or functionality of the website.


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